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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why March?

Strength in Synergy, Diversity and Passion

This year I have felt the power of the feminine in collaboration as we are faced with a new unexpected challenge. What does this mean? 

I have observed that many of us have been too comfortable either in our pain, status or safe zone. 
Many people have gone through horrific times beyond anyone's imagination and many have not causing a huge clash in viewpoints. 
As a result the universe is telling us we need to shake things up to move forward again. 

A firestorm is errupting and it suprises and shocks me when I see comments reflecting the questions: 

"Why are we speaking up and marching?" 
"What is the big deal?"
"What do you have to complain about?"

Victoria Steele 
shared why our Tucson Womens March on Washington is vital to our personal, family and community wellbeing

"It takes empathy to form a more perfect union"

- Victoria Steele 

In a year when Harriet Tubman made headlines to honor and acknowledge people of color, 
the fact that it feels like we are starting all over again to stand tall for our 
equal rights seems insane. 

This month is Women's History Month and we are finally free to choose and be respected for our ambitions. 

Therefore the pushback has started again

"There is an enormous amount of ignorance."

I believe that we are undergoing another evolutionary breakthrough in our humanity and we have to step up to the plate. 
We either change and grow or go backwards and wither. 

Life is is a cycle of remembering and forgetting. 

Synergy is in action when several complimentary films are produced in the same period. This is a reflection of the universal momentum that rises subconsciously and begins through the arts first. 
Now that we have many female mentors in strong positions to create a world based on respect and accomplishment, the bully factor kicks in to fight from an old luddite mentality. 

"Is war still the only language men listen to?"

Why "Personal is Political"
She is Beautiful When She is Angry

"There is no appreciation for women intellectuals"
- Miss Representation

In 2017 Stereotypes Are Still In Play

"A women in power is often seen as a negative thing."

- Pat Mitchell, Paley Center for Media

Messages for girls and young women have basically sucked and women themselves are still a huge part of the problem. 

Many of us did not 

“have time to be pissed,...” 

Womens March Washington - Tucson
Smyth and Jesson Media

If we do not make the time now 

when will we? 

Now is time to align with strong smart talented women and support each other's work, there is only room for collaboration. Old thinking still degrades our strength and women fall into the quick sand everyday by lack of awareness. 

Womens March Washington - Tucson 
Smyth and Jesson Media 

10 Wisdoms to Put Your Passion Into Action:

  1. Pay attention before sharing anything, do a few moments of research and reflection, ask yourself and others "where does this originate from?"
  2. Support other women's talents and businesses that support their families. Network where it counts.
  3. Help by being there when you know a friend is caretaking a dying friend or family member. Remember that they have a ton of responsibilities that you may not have.
  4. Stop playing into anything that lacks integrity for a short term gain. You will have to live with the ramifications.
  5. Show up and listen to what is affecting our communities.
  6. Do more for other women than "just do lunch" in women's groups.
  7. Learn, be a part, listen and incorporate change.
  8. Treat others with respect and empathy.
  9. Collaborate with conscious communication.
  10. Stop the cycle of being a victim in your own work and life just because it is the norm.
Examples for number 10: 
- I saw another comment recently to raise money for "poor broke ass_______(you fill in the blank)'. Why would that be a wise investment in a community that has been saying that same thing for decades? 
- If you observe sexism and abuse in your workplace, neighborhood or home do you speak up?

How to Start: I highly suggest journaling to get in touch with how you really feel, do more knowing and allowing for yourself and less pleasing. Pleasing is not caring, it is only a habit. Meditate on what moves your heart beyond anger. 

If you have children or are a teacher I suggest MindUp to help guide the future leaders of our world. 

" helps children develop greater empathy and compassion for themselves and for others, through understanding different perspectives."

- Goldie Hawn, The Hawn Foundation

As one of my friends, who sadly has since passed away, 
said as her business and life motto:
"No Guts, No Glory!"  

Until Soon,
Much Moksha Guts, Jilly
@JillyWisdom @JillJessonSmyth

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why Love?

Is H2H a trending hashtag in your life too? 

I believe taking action by connecting with emotions from the heart has been missing from western civilization for a long time. Living only from the head has not served us well and it shows. 

"Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything."
Eben Alexander, M.D. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife 

Miss Samantha my beloved chihuahua
Many people have never experienced business and a career from a heart centered approach from the corporate environment. It is only recently that I have seen others besides me gravitate to not living their lives and work in a superficial way. It is now no secret in extremely successful organizations that empathy, manners and creativity is valued first and foremost in the workplace. 

Ignoring the important things in life, not really listening and plowing through is now old style with the hashtag #H2H, Heart to Heart, now gaining momentum.

Now when I run across the lack of empathy and grace in networking with others it is like talking to a person made of cardboard.    

Everyday is Valentine's Day
Wishing you a Happy Valentine Every Day!

I hope when someone say's "bless you" they mean it and when they look at you, to listen or to talk, they see your eyes and feel your soul. This is what is important and I hope we find this buried treasure as we reconnect to restore balance to humanity through conscious communication.

The heart and the empathatic emotions that come from within can be lost in the rush to win before being eaten by a shark. This way of life becomes reinforced every time we suffer, most recently by the 2007-2008 recession.

I propose that this whirlwind stop as each of us begins to look within for answers using the creative heart with the left brain's rational support.

To Be a Better Human here are 10 suggestions to implement:

1) A No Gossip Policy
2) Say Thank you Often 
3) Listen More
4) Put the Phone Away  
5) Look Eye to Eye 
6) Be Respectful
7) Have Integrity First
8) A No Bully Policy
9) Learn Anger Management
10) Speak Kindly First 

Be Different, Be Kind
To begin fresh this year reminds me to start with the heart.
It takes courage to break a habit that doesn't serve you or humanity but the payoff is HUGE... 
I highly recommend it! 
Much Moksha Love, Jilly
@JillyWisdom @JillJessonSmyth    

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Why Art?

Arts and Government with Senator Tom Udall, Melody Barnes and Damian Woetzel

What do we invest in as a country?

Join the work in announcing the "Create Act" 
The value of our communities depend on how we support the creative fields and education in the business of art.

Be a champion of turning around our neighborhoods with a foundation of the joy and beauty the arts bring to social change.

Much Moksha Love Jilly
Smyth and Jesson Multi Media Network

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Path of Feathers

 This is a feather that showed up for me this month at the entrance to my home. This ancient symbol means shift and change guided by angels.

Joining in with belly dancers at the
Seduction of Spirit retreat at
The Chopra Center

I am thrilled to share how exciting it is to do exactly what I was born to do and 10 tips on why a better term for the Law of Attraction is the Law of Allowing as proposed by Anita Moorjani in her book "Dying To Be Me".

Anita Moorjani signing my book "Dying to Be Me" at The Chopra Center

The universal energy that you want to tap into you were born with and can remember.

"This divine energy is your Charism, a unique expression of grace that empowers you to fulfill your Sacred Contract." 
 - Carolyn Myss, Sacred Contracts, Awakening Your Divine Potential

My Top 10 Daily Law of Allowing Tips:

  1. Meditate twice a day. Begin simply with 10 minutes before doing anything and 10 minutes at night. Grow your practice gradually to a half hour 2x per day. Make it a habit you can not live without.
  2. Journal and write down your dreams in the morning. Much will be revealed from your subconscious.
  3. Learn to breath properly and deeply. If you are stressed or in a hurry, stop and breath.
  4. Take a break every hour during work sessions. Say no to overwork.
  5. Have fun, participate in laughter yoga, watch funny movies and choose to be happy.
  6. Go outside and play, walk and smell the roses. Dance, read and do art. Turn off the phone to allow your inspiration to reveal itself.
  7. Eat really good nutritious food. Turn off the electronics and BE with the people you are with now and listen.
  8. Practice being grateful and recapitulate your day every evening in a way best for you, after or before meditation and by journaling.
  9. Forgive yourself and others, even when you have come up against evil and poor behavior that lacks grace, you can move on to your highest self. Even after life emergencies, trauma and PTSD, be patient and let it all go. Your heart will thank you.
  10. Treat yourself and love yourself first. You do not owe anyone anything. You were created by the divine for a higher purpose, your own heart's desires and talents.    

As you see signs cross your path, like the feather, and animals or images in your life and dreams, pay attention and know that life is sending you symbols of revelation.

"Attention and Intention" 

will guide your desires with ease and grace.  

 KNOW that the change you wish for will be revealed if you are listening.

Namaste' and love, Jilly


Saturday, June 25, 2016


Download in June

My sacred contract is unfolding during the most ebullient time of the year, June, bursting with color and joy and protected by Danu, a Goddess of class, grace and creativity, a good friend to my mythic Goddess: "Athena of the Desert". 

Here are some June "gems" based on tradition:

The moonstone reflects and receives love and protection, the pearl symbolizes churning out impurities to gain protection and the alexandrite draws in the energy of good fortune.

When I sculpt in wood, I choose oak for it's strength, stability and power. 

Father's Day in June represents the father of all Gods, Zeus, and my father is center to my shift in awareness and growth.  

You are welcome to watch my June story that reflects the above qualities:

"TORII: The Profane to the Sacred" 

A few minutes to Knowledge that Will Help You

I will leave you with a June poem...

Soar with the Eagle and ground yourself with the Bull,

Delight your senses with summer Roses,

Rebirth your life with Honeysuckle. 

Much Moksha Love, Jilly

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Conversation Under A Full Moon

Mastermind Summer with Women of Wisdom and Smart Girls Tucson

This livestream is over.

The Summer Solstice and "Strawberry Full Moon" are guiding the SHAPESHIFTERS of the world as we create the transformation to sanity we need to evolve.

Join me June 22, 2 pm AZ/MT 

"In mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting, or metamorphosis is the ability of an entity to physically transform into another being or form. This is usually achieved through an inherent faculty of a mythological creature, divine intervention, or the use of magic spells or talismans." (via Wikipedia)

Friday, June 3, 2016

I Care

At The Heart of All My Work is You. 

There is a good reason I am persistant is my search to create and share a total "Art of Life and Biz Well-being" practice within my advisor role.

Shit Happens. 

When it does, it is beyond what you are prepared for in your own life as an entrepreneur. Most businesses go under in the first 3-5 years because of a life emergency to a loved one or employee or even the owner. 

As I worked with thousands of businesses over the years, I found that due to the owner's or HR's lack of planning, their business would go through turmoil that affected my job working with them and created problems with all their B2B relationships. Many went out of business due to poor planning and back up AND, it can affect your family and home. 

If you are not fit for work, no one is.

That is why my work as a media and marketing professional includes many tools. 


You have no idea how old it gets when you, as a business decision maker, has to postpone a professional planned appointment because one of your employees had a ticket or did not show up for work because their identity was stolen. 

Sometimes it is a tragic death or illness emergency that delays things for months to years for a worker's family. 

Excuses do not make for good business leadership. 

Yet these emergencies happen daily losing productivity and revenue for all involved, compounding the tragedy, worry and sadness.

That means you and I get nothing done and our time is misdirected. 

The end point of this post is that I am careful on who I choose to commit to in a long term or short term partnership. 

What I know is not for everyone but it might be for you.

Much Moksha Love, Jilly

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