Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Thursday, October 3, 2013


How do you really know what you were meant to accomplish in life? 

How do you access your gifts after a lifetime of responsibilities?

How do you feel? How do you REALLY feel?

Meditation is the way to your heart. It helps guide you to what God and Spirit means for you to BE, by giving you the peace and quiet to listen. It just takes a little practice and patience. Tell those in your life to hang while you invest time in yourself. Meditation is what has brought me the deeper wisdom and opportunities being gifted to me, it has been incredible to meet the people I'm now surrounded by and my business and life has expanded beyond my imagination. 

When you are true to your heart, resentments, judgements, anger, shame, guilt and jealousy go away as you forgive your imperfections and fill your heart with love. It doesn't matter where you are, where you come from or how much you have or have not, anyone can learn. It just takes desire and "master mindfulness" thinking.

The reason most successful people are successful, it is because they meditate.

Join the meditation movement as we bring it to corporations, universities and schools across the world. The new generation has the opportunity to begin on the right foot and be wiser than we are, awareness is key.

Namaste and Love, Jilly