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Tiny Notes
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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Are You Daring Greatly?

Dear Moksha Hearts,

We are officially launching the “I Am Compassion Peace Project”! 

This morning's global meditation event was amazing, people logging on all over the world at 9:am PT. The shift is upon us to allow empowerment based on peace and kindness. Mediation based on meditation, clear communication and empathy. Deepak Chopra's goal to reach a Million people meditating at the same time several years ago is now in the several millions. 

I was there when this amazing effort was birthed at the Chopra Center with 300 people meditating for 3 hours. It was powerful, there are no words for how it felt.

Now, I want to hear your stories of compassion and daring greatly and feature what daily acts of compassion are happening in your life to share on Jilly LIVE

Please note below in the comments section or contact me at 
ArtByJilly.com to have your story featured in MOKSHALife.com 

Have a day full of Moksha! Love Jilly