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Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Why Magnificence?

You are magnificent, period, no explanation required.

There are angels all around you.
Are your eyes wide shut or are they open to see?

Today, I was reflecting on all the interesting and fascinating people I am blessed to meet. Learning about their gifts and seeing the life glowing from their eyes and smiles. Each person creates something amazing with talents from God.

It makes it all the more heartbreaking to feel the anger that flows through a day.

I pray and meditate for forgiveness and understanding for the dysfunctional infliction of pain and suffering on our fellow beings. It is a vicious cycle. We can help by giving comfort in times of deep pain that there are no words to express. Listening and hearing with tears can express a deep concern for our friends grief and the victims of tragedy.

Praying for all family's who have had a loss, please bring love to flow around each person everywhere. Grieving is a cycle of recovery that takes years and patience.     

The more people we know, the more our hearts open and the more we can experience and feel as those friends transition either in life or death.

When you go to a place of total love there is no fear. 

If you come across someone in your path today who is always reacting in fear, bless them and walk away with compassion.

Fear based reactions are:

Blocking (the hand)

Feeling, expressing and experiencing these negative emotions is OK, it means a solution is needed or can be found. The problem comes when the reaction is deep in your inner being and stays stuck for years. Then it is a habit. This is why so many suffer. The suffering ripples out and slams other people unconsciously.

Create a new habit, think before speaking or writing, use manners and graciousness, be compassionate. Stop being mean to others. Say yes to something you can learn.

Magnifence is an attribute that is God given. If you know yours, you will know greatness in your soul.

Dare greatly today because there is only today,