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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Monkey Business

This is the Year of the Red Monkey and what does that mean in 2016?

Depending on what year you were born sets the tone for what you need to develop in the new year of the monkey. I was born in the year of the pig according to chinese astrology and the pig and monkey work together this year. Spiritual and ancient meaning is incredibly interesting to me and this makes sense to my life as a huge shift is coming into our universe.

The Fruit of the Monkey is Red, The Root Chakra is Red...


Be Grounded as You Fly with the Monkey's!


and eliminating all that does not serve the greater good.

I have experienced life beyond knowing and I am prepared to guide others with inspired and wise decision making, including the relationships, networks and tools to get it done easily. 

The Pig is about running water and change

If I flow with change and allow the water to cleanse and renew it is all good. Fighting the flow only creates a dam and stops or stagnates energy. The Monkey will provide the knowledge, education, protection, wisdom and training for a supported life of abundance. 

What does abundance mean to you? 

To me it is about time freedom to be with those I care about and to follow my own heartfelt and God given talents with action. The only way to allow wisdom to appear as abundance grows, is the to have the space to meditate with experience...and that takes time. 

When the Pig meets the Monkey it is time to LAUGH!

Laughing Pig Divas Go Shopping!

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