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Tiny Notes
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Laughing Out Loud!

Hi Everyone!

This has been one of the best years of my life and one of the reasons is Laughter Yoga! I can hear you saying to your self: 

"That sounds weird, what is Jilly up to now?" 

Well, I have to report that it is amazing in regards to your health and how you feel. So much so that I am on my own path to Certification to teach within my Corporate "Bottom Line Well-being" Course.

There is more in regards to the facts from my answer to this question on facebook:

"What was the drug that you mentioned that is produced by laughter? It's the anti-cancer drug that the medical community is using." - Marie F. 
My Answer:
"The group of naturally occurring proteins that mediate communication between cells are called interleukin's and interferon. There are 15 types of interleukin's that fight inflammation, cancer, arthritis, infection and disease. Stress impairs the release of interleukin's, laughter liberates interleukin's, helping to fight infection, COPD and reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and heart rate along with pain relief. I could list even more, great question Marie, I feel AWESOME!"
Watch for more here on the wonders of laughter and feeling really, really good!
Check out this link from the Mayo Clinic 
 Namaste, Shanti Peace and Love, Jilly
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