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Tiny Notes
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Friday, June 3, 2016

I Care

At The Heart of All My Work is You. 

There is a good reason I am persistant is my search to create and share a total "Art of Life and Biz Well-being" practice within my advisor role.

Shit Happens. 

When it does, it is beyond what you are prepared for in your own life as an entrepreneur. Most businesses go under in the first 3-5 years because of a life emergency to a loved one or employee or even the owner. 

As I worked with thousands of businesses over the years, I found that due to the owner's or HR's lack of planning, their business would go through turmoil that affected my job working with them and created problems with all their B2B relationships. Many went out of business due to poor planning and back up AND, it can affect your family and home. 

If you are not fit for work, no one is.

That is why my work as a media and marketing professional includes many tools. 


You have no idea how old it gets when you, as a business decision maker, has to postpone a professional planned appointment because one of your employees had a traffic ticket or did not show up for work because their identity was stolen. 

Sometimes it is a tragic death or illness emergency that delays things for months to years for a worker's family. 

Excuses do not make for good business leadership. 

Yet these emergencies happen daily losing productivity and revenue for all involved, compounding the tragedy, worry and sadness.

That means you and I get nothing done and our time is misdirected. 

The end point of this post is that I am careful on who I choose to commit to in a long term or short term partnership. 

What I know is not for everyone but it might be for you.

Much Moksha Love, Jilly

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