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Tiny Notes
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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why Love?

Is H2H a trending hashtag in your life too? 

I believe taking action by connecting with emotions from the heart has been missing from western civilization for a long time. Living only from the head has not served us well and it shows. 

"Love is, without a doubt, the basis of everything."
Eben Alexander, M.D. Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife 

Miss Samantha my beloved chihuahua
Many people have never experienced business and a career from a heart centered approach from the corporate environment. It is only recently that I have seen others besides me gravitate to not living their lives and work in a superficial way. It is now no secret in extremely successful organizations that empathy, manners and creativity is valued first and foremost in the workplace. 

Ignoring the important things in life, not really listening and plowing through is now old style with the hashtag #H2H, Heart to Heart, now gaining momentum.

Now when I run across the lack of empathy and grace in networking with others it is like talking to a person made of cardboard.    

Everyday is Valentine's Day
Wishing you a Happy Valentine Every Day!

I hope when someone say's "bless you" they mean it and when they look at you, to listen or to talk, they see your eyes and feel your soul. This is what is important and I hope we find this buried treasure as we reconnect to restore balance to humanity through conscious communication.

The heart and the empathatic emotions that come from within can be lost in the rush to win before being eaten by a shark. This way of life becomes reinforced every time we suffer, most recently by the 2007-2008 recession.

I propose that this whirlwind stop as each of us begins to look within for answers using the creative heart with the left brain's rational support.

To Be a Better Human here are 10 suggestions to implement:

1) A No Gossip Policy
2) Say Thank you Often 
3) Listen More
4) Put the Phone Away  
5) Look Eye to Eye 
6) Be Respectful
7) Have Integrity First
8) A No Bully Policy
9) Learn Anger Management
10) Speak Kindly First 

Be Different, Be Kind
To begin fresh this year reminds me to start with the heart.
It takes courage to break a habit that doesn't serve you or humanity but the payoff is HUGE... 
I highly recommend it! 
Much Moksha Love, Jilly
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