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Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why March?

Strength in Synergy, Diversity and Passion

This year I have felt the power of the feminine in collaboration as we are faced with a new unexpected challenge. What does this mean? 

I have observed that many of us have been too comfortable either in our pain, status or safe zone. 
Many people have gone through horrific times beyond anyone's imagination and many have not causing a huge clash in viewpoints. 
As a result the universe is telling us we need to shake things up to move forward again. 

A firestorm is errupting and it suprises and shocks me when I see comments reflecting the questions: 

"Why are we speaking up and marching?" 
"What is the big deal?"
"What do you have to complain about?"

Victoria Steele 
shared why our Tucson Womens March on Washington is vital to our personal, family and community wellbeing

"It takes empathy to form a more perfect union"

- Victoria Steele 

In a year when Harriet Tubman made headlines to honor and acknowledge people of color, 
the fact that it feels like we are starting all over again to stand tall for our 
equal rights seems insane. 

This month is Women's History Month and we are finally free to choose and be respected for our ambitions. 

Therefore the pushback has started again

"There is an enormous amount of ignorance."

I believe that we are undergoing another evolutionary breakthrough in our humanity and we have to step up to the plate. 
We either change and grow or go backwards and wither. 

Life is is a cycle of remembering and forgetting. 

Synergy is in action when several complimentary films are produced in the same period. This is a reflection of the universal momentum that rises subconsciously and begins through the arts first. 
Now that we have many female mentors in strong positions to create a world based on respect and accomplishment, the bully factor kicks in to fight from an old luddite mentality. 

"Is war still the only language men listen to?"

Why "Personal is Political"
She is Beautiful When She is Angry

"There is no appreciation for women intellectuals"
- Miss Representation

In 2017 Stereotypes Are Still In Play

"A women in power is often seen as a negative thing."

- Pat Mitchell, Paley Center for Media

Messages for girls and young women have basically sucked and women themselves are still a huge part of the problem. 

Many of us did not 

“have time to be pissed,...” 

Womens March Washington - Tucson
Smyth and Jesson Media

If we do not make the time now 

when will we? 

Now is time to align with strong smart talented women and support each other's work, there is only room for collaboration. Old thinking still degrades our strength and women fall into the quick sand everyday by lack of awareness. 

Womens March Washington - Tucson 
Smyth and Jesson Media 

10 Wisdoms to Put Your Passion Into Action:

  1. Pay attention before sharing anything, do a few moments of research and reflection, ask yourself and others "where does this originate from?"
  2. Support other women's talents and businesses that support their families. Network where it counts.
  3. Help by being there when you know a friend is caretaking a dying friend or family member. Remember that they have a ton of responsibilities that you may not have.
  4. Stop playing into anything that lacks integrity for a short term gain. You will have to live with the ramifications.
  5. Show up and listen to what is affecting our communities.
  6. Do more for other women than "just do lunch" in women's groups.
  7. Learn, be a part, listen and incorporate change.
  8. Treat others with respect and empathy.
  9. Collaborate with conscious communication.
  10. Stop the cycle of being a victim in your own work and life just because it is the norm.
Examples for number 10: 
- I saw another comment recently to raise money for "poor broke ass_______(you fill in the blank)'. Why would that be a wise investment in a community that has been saying that same thing for decades? 
- If you observe sexism and abuse in your workplace, neighborhood or home do you speak up?

How to Start: I highly suggest journaling to get in touch with how you really feel, do more knowing and allowing for yourself and less pleasing. Pleasing is not caring, it is only a habit. Meditate on what moves your heart beyond anger. 

If you have children or are a teacher I suggest MindUp to help guide the future leaders of our world. 

" helps children develop greater empathy and compassion for themselves and for others, through understanding different perspectives."

- Goldie Hawn, The Hawn Foundation

As one of my friends, who sadly has since passed away, 
said as her business and life motto:
"No Guts, No Glory!"  

Until Soon,
Much Moksha Guts, Jilly
@JillyWisdom @JillJessonSmyth