Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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#BizCHAT Lunch and Learn

You Have to Eat Lunch Don't You? 
while You Network

Dear Friends in Business,

I would like to introduce myself as a seasoned business professional that brings cutting edge tools to small business with no out of pocket costs. You have many excellent tools included in your toolbox, including a couple things I have to share, and I would like to expand your circle of quality resources and people available. 

We help companies and small businesses like publishers, agencies, farmers, bakers, ranchers, doctors, restaurants, home builders, construction, decorators, security firms, artists, real estate, musicians, chefs, inventors, computer companies, repair services and small to large businesses of all kinds.

Small businesses have the same legal needs as large businesses. 

I specialize in helping companies like Microsoft, Sams Club, Sprouts, Subway, Cox and 36,000 more. I have implemented my sevices to help several businesses in Tucson and Carlsbad, CA.

Successful businesses have some of my tools already, as they should, and I can reduce the costs by thousands of dollars with another tool they need with my NEW Small Business Division 2015.

You may have been contacted already and if you are still open to receiving, my experience may be what you are looking for in a solution based partnership.

I look forward to learning more about what your growth plans are in Southern Arizona and how I can propose a solution to any concerns coming in the next few years.

In my media career over the years I have worked with a couple of your organizations and I am familiar with some of your past needs already.

Here to serve, Jilly    

Jilly Jesson Smyth, Dr.D, AFP, CTA
Manager Business.LegalShield.com
Business and Well-Being

Smyth and Jesson Media,
International Brand Marketing,


RSVP: 720-77BRAND 
720-772-7263 (VM)

Our Lunch and Learn in Tucson is sponsored by www.JillyJessonSmyth.co

HOST of #JillyLIVE and #BizCHAT


You will be notified in advance. We rotate midtown, eastside and northwest.

Locations TBA are from this list:

  • Fronimos Greek Restaurant
  • Joe's Crab Shack
  • Native New Yorker
  • El Charro 
  • Oreganos
  • Beyond Bread
  • Las Margaritas
  • Guiseppes
  • Panera Bread

Bring plenty of business cards and flyers for networking, learn about our new division representing Microsoft and Sams Club Employees and so much more in an easy lunch and learn atmosphere.

$5 is required to RSVP and reserve space with the location.
To go towards the balance of your lunch choice and tip. 

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Bring guests and business partners. I am your local and national Manager and long time business owner representing and supporting Tucson businesses, Jilly