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Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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The First Annual Tucson Science, Spirit and Health Symposium October 5-7, 2012

Join my teachers in creating a beautiful life in Tucson Arizona.

Learn Cutting Edge Wellness Science 
Incorporate it into Your Life with interactive workshops designed to have you experience greater
Health, Well Being, and Peace

Davidji: Dean/ Lead Educator of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing (’03-’12) 
2 Workshops: Ancient Wisdom-Modern Science: 1) Healing the BodyMind in the Age of Science, and 2) Emotional and Integrative Healing.  Not only will the most cutting edge research in the field of mind-body science and the impact on physiological and emotional states be explained, but then we will participate in experiential exercises to integrate these states into your life!  Two amazing sessions in one day.

Dr. David Berceli: The Revolutionary Trauma Releasing Process
Workshop: Release Trauma, Stress and Tension with Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE’s).  Relieve complaints from mild stress and tensions to severe anxieties, and trauma.  TRE can also reduce pain, increases mobility, aid healing of past injuries and improve sleep as well as decrease symptoms of Fibromyalgia, CFS, digestive issues (IBS), restless leg, anxiety disorders and nearly all stress related ailments.  Learn TRE’s once, keep them for life.  ‘Like a massage from the inside out!’ (Bring a yoga mat!)

Dr. Mark Pirtle:  Skillfully Aware,  Faculty Center for Integrative Medicine U of A, Miraval Resort
Workshop: How your story affects your health. 
Our mind-body networks run by themselves according to Dr. Pirtle. He says that our networks write 'the story of me,' resulting in repeating emotional patterns and stress illnesses.  Learn to influence your network, 'write your own story' and FEEL BETTER by understanding body-mind science and practicing proven techniques.   

Marsha Perry: RN, and Chopra Center Certified Instructor
Workshop:  Balance Your Health from the Inside Out.  With so much health information out there it can get confusing! Get in touch with Nature’s Wisdom and your Inner Intelligence, to PREVENT imbalance and disease.  The best kind of diet, exercise, and routines for YOUR mind-body make up.  Find out best practices for you based on ancient wisdom and modern science!
Rose Kress: co-instructor of Amy Weintraub's Yoga for Depression trainings
Workshop: Yoga Skills for Everyone: Easy and Effective Practices for Mood Management, Based on Amy's new book "Yoga Skills for Therapists".  Easy, proven techniques to manage your mood.

Yvonne Shay: Louise Hay Certified Heal Your Life Trainer.
Workshop: Your Symptoms And Their Hidden Messages understand the language that your body and life are speaking. Learn to interpret the messages and release the corresponding symptoms. 

Del Leon, Carolyn Cooper Certified Simply Healed practitioner will conduct a group session of Simply Healed.

When and Where:

Fri Oct 5th, Sun Oct 7th at Jewish Community Center, 
3800 E. River Rd  (9:30 am – 5:30 pm)

Sat Oct 6th Davidji at St. Francis of the Foothills, 
4625 E. River Rd   (9:30 am – 5:30pm)

Media Liaison: 
Jilly Jesson Smyth, CTA, Master's Study Ayurveda