Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Welcome to International Happiness Day! 

This is a huge transitional time in our history, economy, lifestyle, business, technology and in my own personal life. After the Winter Solstice, I knew this First Day of Spring 2014 was going to be extremely important. The Vernal Equinox is when the center of the sun crosses the equator and I believe we are crossing to a new "mind bending" millenium. The changes are going to be arriving upon us faster than ever.

After a decade of great loss of family, horrific and even more sudden deaths of many, many friends, I feel the grief has made me even more in touch with how happy I am to be alive during this incredible shift. The colors are brighter, the laughter is sparkling and people are making the decision to embrace the now with gusto! 

If something is not fair or not right, we are doing something about it because we have the power. We are choosing, as a nation, to see through the difficulties and take a higher road of conscious choice and awareness. This is only the beginning.

"H" Stands for Happiness and Humanity and the fact that we are all here to make all humans we come into contact with happy.

Life naturally evolves in the direction of happiness. We must constantly ask ourselves if what we are doing is going to make us, happy. Because happiness is the ultimate goal. It is the goal of all other goals. 

When we seek money, or a good relationship, or a great job, what we are really seeking is happiness. The mistake we make is not going for happiness first. If we did, everything would follow." 

- Deepak Chopra, M.D., Creating Affluence, Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities