Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Shared With Gratitude!

"Thanks Jilly! 
And thanks for being a great leader in Tucson." 
- Felipe Garcia, Executive Vice President, Visit Tucson, Strategic Partnerships & Mexico Marketing, Vamos A Tucson

"Thank you for the lovely card! Your business cards are beautiful!" 

- Kirsten Long, Director - Movement Longevity, Dance Instructor - The Dancing Nanny

Kirsten Long - Jilly Jesson Smyth

Francisco Cantu Book Launch Event

"Awesome! Thanks Jilly, I contacted you and your service was fast and a huge help!" 
- Maurianne Montes, LAc, Small Business Owner,Mountain Oasis Acupuncture

"My husband and I are so pleased with being able to prepare

our Wills and do our estate planning at a small fraction of the

cost with the best law firm in the southwest. Jilly is wonderful

to work with, knowledgeable and comforting in working

through a difficult legal situation."

- Oriana Marici Holubiczko, Writer and Author, Co-Creator Tucson Women of Wisdom, 
Founder The Goddessa 

Oriana Marici and Jilly Jesson Smyth at Zin Burger
Oriana Marici Holubiczko and Jilly Jesson Smyth - Zin Burger Tucson, Arizona

Legend of The Heart Race with Oriana 


 Artist Activist | Southwest Lifestyle  

Wearable Elegance | Model Host Promoter 


Jilly Jesson Smyth - Play Chat - Walk Chat - Dog Chat - Tucson
Jilly Jesson Smyth - Play Chat - Walk Chat - Dog Chat  
La Encantada, Tucson, Arizona

Arizona's Second Congressional District in the U.S House of Representatives.

Creater of the new branding launch, print to web: 

"A proud achievement {for Jilly} was creating the first

marketing and branding campaign for the Reid Park Zoo of

Southern Arizona. Establishing a record growth in revenue

of 211% within 6 months at a cost savings of $35,000." 

- Reid Park Zoo, Tucson Zoological Society Board Report

Raising Revenue at the Reid Park Zoo - Jilly Jesson Smyth - Association of Fundraising Professionals
Raising Revenue at the Reid Park Zoo with Jilly
~ Association of Fundraising Professionals ~ Photo by Jilly Jesson Smyth

Jilly Jesson Smyth - 2008 Reid Park Zoo Superbowl Promotion Arizona

Certified Tourism Association (CTA) Qualified:

Jilly developed, initiated and successfully rolled out the 3 year marketing plan with Visit Tucson (TVCB) including the 

Reid Park Zoo Partnership with 2nd 

Superbowl Promotion in Arizona 2008

"Lady Leaders had the first Christmas mixer at the Reid Park

Zoo. The Ladies brought friends and guests to join in the

holiday spirit. A collection of toys was brought for the Toys 

for Tots. Jilly, Marketing and Membership Director of the

Tucson Zoological Society, helped Lady Leaders get a great 

location for our special (annual holiday) event!"
- Lisa Lloyd, Lloyd Marketing Group, Featured on "The Big Idea" with Donny Deutsch 

"Jilly Jesson Smyth is a remarkable person who brings joy and positive energy into any room. I call Jilly, "my indoor sunshine." She has a real gift for making those around her feel better about themselves. She is a real leader and a trusted friend. Anyone would be fortunate to be on her team." 
- Mike Esala, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai
the inventor of e-mail, Chopra University TIME 

"Jilly is driven to produce results. Her perceptiveness and leadership will be useful to her organization. She has an uncanny ability to evaluate potential options and recommend an approach that works best." 
- Dennis McCarthy, Paradigm Group / Belo TV Interactive Management Training/ Dallas News

"Jilly has such a zest for life and a love for animals. Her work is unique and one of a kind. Beautiful." 
- Sherri Sharp, Small Business Owner, Interwest Consulting, LLC

"Ever have one of those relationships you consider to be nothing short of an absolute BLESSING from above? Well ~ that is exactly what my friendship with Ms. Jilly is! This woman has such an incredibly compassionate spirit, and she has no hidden agendas when it comes to hosting a genuine friendship. She has followed my life journey during our liaison here at LinkedIn, lifting my needs at times when others have questioned my motives to bring favor and resolve to our military families. She knows my heart, and we connect comfortably on a professional level because we understand what it trul Ruthy takes to make this World a better place to be, and we share that spirit of friendship because we recognize the value of what each of us represents as women empowered to effectuate change! Jilly's artistic talents are also incredible - something obvious in the beautiful ambience she creates as she shares a part of herself in every work of art design she creates. If you aren't connected to this individual yet, I encourage your consideration to do so. If you are, please get to know her better. Jill is truly an Angel, and I am thankful to call her my friend! God bless you!!! 
- Ruth Wolf, Non- Profit Professional, Chaplain, Writer, Small Business Liaison, Founder~Inspiring Alliance Military Support Network

"Jilly has a tremendous amount of energy and the will to see projects to the end. She is a pleasure to work with."
- Vicki Saxon, Small Business Owner, The Badgeman

"Jilly shares her creative brilliance, strategic thinking, committment to wellbeing for all, and passion for life with ease and grace...she is such an inspiration!"
- Heather Chalon, Small Business Owner, Founder President, Move Into Well-Being

"It is with honor that I write this letter of recommendation for Jilly Jesson-Smyth. Jill and I have known each other since 2004. Jilly has held several key management positions within her organizations and now finds herself as a successful business owner within the Tucson community. Many things impress me about Jill; two of which are her respect towards her colleagues and her genuine gift of kindness. Both command a presence for her in the audience of others. Jilly’s ability to set and stay focused on her short, mid and long range goals continuously serve her well. She has the heart of a leader; possessing the qualities of influence and inspiration which provide her with opportunities to impact the lives of those around her personally and professionally with great wisdom. Her ability to connect and relate well to people, coupled with her strong work ethic are critical elements to her success. Jill exemplifies the value of hard work, uncompromised integrity and strength of character. These qualities continue to find their way into every facet of her life."
- Karen Marie Derr, B2B Business Professional, Pima Community College - Adjunct Professor

Work Well
"Jilly is one of the most charismatic business people I know. She lights up a room wherever she goes. Her knowledge of social networking is an inspiration to me and many others, I love her zest for life!" 
- Cindy O"Connell, Small Business Owner, Bella Beauty Solutions

"Jilly is constantly thinking out of the box creating new and exciting marketing concepts. Her enthusiasm, creativity is a breath of fresh air and a gift she shares with everyone she comes in contact with. I look forward to working with Jilly." 
- Pam Furlong, Small Business Owner, Printing, Email Marketing & Promotional Items - Tucson Marketing Tools

"She ranked in the top 1% of all business people. I would highly recommend Jilly as someone who is diligent, approachable, consistent, and eager to learn." 
- Sue Porter, Small Business Owner, Dynamic Development

"Jilly is an engaging person with high energy! She is a valuable asset in the marketing side of business and is full of great ideas. Jilly has that ability to reach out to many because of her engaging personality and the energy that she brings. Those that she engages can feel that positive energy, which attracts all! Thank you Jilly!" 
- Sandy Bates, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Paws and Critters

"Jilly is an active member and highly involved volunteer of the Tucson Advertising Federation. She has the energy and enthusiasm of at least ten people and is a great motivator to others working with her. We're very fortunate to have Jilly on our team!" 
- Pearl Ford Fyff, Executive Director, Tucson Advertising FederationAAF Tucson, Ad2 Tucson, TAFEF, FEAT 

Chopra University, Seduction of Spirit Team

"Jill has always been enthusiastic and full of energy. When she was on the staff at Territorial publishing she was always quick with a smile and easy to strike up a conversation with. I am pleased that she has made the ASBA office a part of her regular route." 
- Charlie O'Dowd, B2B Insurance Professional and Business Owner, Sr. VP, Southern Region at AZ Small Business Association, ASBA

"Jill is an amazing creative, intelligent & sensitive professional who utilizes her innate talents with ongoing educational enrichment to provide her clients with the ultimate detailed results tailered to their needs in every possible way that creates results beyond their expectations."
- Hana Ripp, Small Business Owner, Hana's Happenings, Art and Entertainment promoter, producer, presenter

"Jilly is a fabulously creative and hard working individual. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for someone who will do what it takes to get the job done!" 
- Lisa Lloyd, Small Business Owner, You Can Invent, Founder at InvenTank.org

"Jilly is a dynamic,energetic and creative force. In all of her pursuits she has been highly successful and professional. In the world of marketing where you rely on someone's word about your business, she reflects a genuine integrity and honesty like no other. She is someone I seek for encouragement and direction in all of my endeavors." 
- Nancy Niccum, Healthcare Professional, Staff RN at Kaiser Permanente

Open House, Shanti Sanctuary,
Tucson, AZ

"Jilly is very energetic with great ideas. Always a pleasure to work with."
- Peggy Nolty, B2B Professional, Resident Program Manager at University of Arizona

"Jilly was dedicated to our mission and the work that we did at our organization. Great to work with!" 
- Michelle Conklin, Executive Director, Tucson Botanical Gardens

"Jilly had a most unique gift of being able to work directly with artists and artisans, who are not always best at marketing, and tailoring ad designs and media campaigns that truly made a positive impact on their businesses. 

Being conscious of deadlines and production time constraints, she would always take the time to work with me and my department, striving for the absolute best and most effective designs that could be produced for her clients in the time available. She is detail-oriented and a thorough and thoughtful communicator, always providing more than enough information to me to be able to execute her ads, and deliver what her clients expected. 

She always displayed the most positive of professional attitudes, and it was my pleasure to call her a colleague and friend, and to be able to work with her every day. If I had the chance I would do so again without hesitation." 
- Troy Martin, Advertising and Media Professional and Creative Artist, Imaging and Art Director, AdVision Outdoor

davidji Hay House Radio, Author
"The Secrets of Meditation'

"I admire what you do!" 
- Sheri Broekema, ABR, CRS, SRES, VP Tucson Homes.com
Real Estate Specialist, Long Realty

"You are so Awesome. Your gift to me is one of the most precious things I have ever received and I will treasure it forever. I am forever honored to be part of your life. You will always be part of my vision. Thank you for taking time for me. Namaste." 
- Janet Pederson, Homemaker, Santa Cruz, CA

"Looking forward to this workshop series! Having jumped into using all these new tools...I need a game plan, a 'how to', help! Thanks for putting this together Jilly!" 
- Heather Chalon, Masters in Public Health, Tai Chi Professional

"Jilly is remarkably enthusiastic. She remembers people after the first meeting and never skips a beat knowing what they do and who they are. She has the ability to make a table of strangers know each other within minutes." 
- Paula Morris, Owner/Artist, Sweet Peas Promotionals

Mr. Rip Mason, Executive Charman of the Board, 
Mr. Darnell Self, Principal Network Advisor,
LegalShield / IDShield
"Jilly created a promotional campaign for Wild Oats that was an overwhelming and complete success! She is the most creative advertising professional I have known!"​
- Martha McGrath, producer at the Bunny Show, former Director of Marketing, Wild Oats Markets, Southern Arizona Region

"Thanks so much!  I appreciate your enthusiasm and also your participation in what will be an incredible event. Thank you for your help!"​ 
- Dan Horner, Creator of the Science, Spirit and Health Symposium and Movies that Matter

Anita Moorjani, Author "Dying To Be Me"
My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing
"Thank you, so very much, for all of your time, energy, knowledge, experience...and kindness!, Thanks Jilly, you're a gem!" 
- Mary Heissinger, Small Business Owner, Desert Rose Homeopathics and Herbals

"Jilly, keep up the Great Work!"
- E. R. Haas, Full Spectrum Career Power, Creator of ThinkTQ.com
"Thank you Jilly!" 
- Jonathan Holden, Rhythm and Roots Concerts, “Fabulously skilled and inspired” - LA Times

Awards and Recognition:

Qualified Leader with the I Am Gratitude Challenge: "Tools for Conscious Creatives and Artists"

Perfect Health Certification: First continuing step in the study of the healing techniques utilized at world renowned Chopra Center for Well-being (c). 

Chopra Ayurveda Achievement Certification: Recognizing Dedication and Leadership.

Won “Excellence in Advertising” award from the Arizona Newspapers Foundation.

Juried member of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild.

Accomplishments and Community Involvement - 

2007 Chopra Global Ayurveda Wellness Initiative Team Founder. 
Go Red for Woman Executive Leadership Team 2010. 
Advertising Federation - Tucson, AZ Chapter, 2007 - 2009 Addy Awards Committee and the Phyllis Ehlinger Women of Excellence Award Committee 2008.

Memberships, Director, Boards, President: 

American Marketing Association, Metropolitan Tucson Convention and Visitors Bureau, Advertising Federation, Pinnacle / Executive Forum, Lady Leaders, Tucson Chamber, Marana Chamber, Northern Pima County Chamber, Hispanic Chamber, National Association of Woman Business Owners (NAWBO), Tucson Museum of Art, KUAZ / KUAT/ (Southern Arizona NPR radio station), Sonoran Desert Museum, Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tohono Chul Park. Tucson Arts District Partnership Board Member 2004, Davis Monthan Military Affairs Committee Communications Director 2005. Fourth Avenue Street Fair Juror. "Art located at El Mercado Shops, Tucson Mall and Park Mall" Gallery President for 1993 - 1996.