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Monday, July 27, 2015

What is Your Story?

This is Biz Moksha for Real People:

The purpose of this post is about how you respond to hype and fast talking offers that you may believe will solve your business dreams. 

The process I use is based 30 years of B2B experience working directly with business owners of every type imaginable

The payoff is saving you doing all the work yourself and not getting conned by those who don't have your best interest at heart. 

I just received a question that I believe would help everyone or someone you know:

Question? Should we pay a dollar to check out a business webinar offer for 14 days that will end up costing thousands of dollars?

Quick answer: Do you think 14 days is going to establish anything you need for long term business success?

After reviewing yet again another offer full of hype to lure in unknowledgeable people and business owners about online branding, I made a decision to make this my main topic in my upcoming newsletter and articles.

Here is my response:

I'm glad you asked me first about website and brand development for your business. 

I work with and represent a full suite of web development tools and it is all inclusive. We partner with the small business administration, business chambers of commerce and attorneys general across the United States and Canada.

My company guides business owners from website development, hosting and all the tools you need to make an impact with your brand. When I design a website for a business myself, it would be a minimum 4K deposit and a monthly minimum or maximum hosting fee at so many hours per week. 

My Experience:

I was trained at the largest and best interactive TV and news company in the United States at Belo Corporation working in 36 markets across the US and Interactive Research in Dallas Texas. 

My team launched successful business campaigns large and small and brought the Reid Park Zoo, the National Organization of Women Business Owners and FOX11 Interactive TV into the black with my marketing and new membership development interactive plans for the future.

Most people do not comprehend the daily activity and discipline that is required for online branding. When they pay for something cheap, they receive a basic site template to plug in info with babysitting, nothing more. No brand concept or any personal and special representation will be created to make an impact.

Everything NOW has to be interactive and special 
or no one will come back to see you.


Write your personal story from the heart and start sharing it. 
No one will care what you do until you are clear on 
your own heartfelt reasons. 
It is not only about the money for most real people.

This is the best offer on the market to complete the next step, 
to create an interactive web brand about YOU.

When first saw this offer two years ago, and had my first weekend training in Phoenix, I was blown away at what you receive and know the cost value of each piece.  

Did you know that LinkedIn, facebook and eventually Google will want you to pay for online ads within each program?

I've invested in ads, built a following and sold them to others within their overall ad campaigns for decades, unless you are active, have a daily interactive plan and write regularly (daily, weekly) for websites, you will get numbers but no activity. That means knowing and being prepared to respond. That takes good advice and practice.

People are putting money where it doesn't pay because they don't know.

When Go Small Biz is bundled with my Legal Business and IDShield plan to support all they need for business, I mean all inclusive. The price would be less than your cable bill or even a tank of gas because of our group buying power that also includes wide ranging benefits from World class legal and Identity theft support to car rental, to office supplies, to business suits and travel.

To summarize, my bundled special offer is less than what you see offered in basic advertising for Go Small Biz. My added value is I live and know design, image, revenue development and branding.

Let’s set an appointment for a complimentary business overview over the phone, online or in person over a cup of coffee.

I am here to serve because I care and I am passionate about entrepreneurs and their families. Click here for how it works, Click here for small business testimonials. 

"More than 13 million, or nearly 60%, 
of all small businesses have experienced significant legal events in 
the past two years."

Action Steps: contact me here on the page 
that fits your needs and you will receive 
The Legal Needs of Small Business Whitepaper 
and Complimentary First Look Business Analysis

1) The Art of Life and Biz at Home or Office 1-3 people
Peace of Mind andBody / Home and Family Small Business 

I know how to help you and serve your dream and brand.

Review this 2 minute video

Go Small Biz is the tool I include in my client development packages for interactive brand websites and expert direction. 

Here is the handy FREE cheat sheet to compare a tool you need:

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Are You Daring Greatly?

Dear Moksha Hearts,

We are officially launching the “I Am Compassion Peace Project”! 

This morning's global meditation event was amazing, people logging on all over the world at 9:am PT. The shift is upon us to allow empowerment based on peace and kindness. Mediation based on meditation, clear communication and empathy. Deepak Chopra's goal to reach a Million people meditating at the same time several years ago is now in the several millions. 

I was there when this amazing effort was birthed at the Chopra Center with 300 people meditating for 3 hours. It was powerful, there are no words for how it felt.

Now, I want to hear your stories of compassion and daring greatly and feature what daily acts of compassion are happening in your life to share on Jilly LIVE

Please note below in the comments section or contact me at 
ArtByJilly.com to have your story featured in MOKSHALife.com 

Have a day full of Moksha! Love Jilly

Friday, July 10, 2015

I Am Compassion

Dear Moksha Hearts,

I am introducing the “I Am Compassion Peace Project” at www.MokshaLife.org.

This is a project based on empowerment and my personal journey aligning with all women.

It is the “Women of Wisdom” who are manifesting and allowing a great shift in peace to evolve. It is the “Smart Girls” who will benefit and carry this legacy forward.

In Tucson we have created the "Inner Spiral Development Center" to bring in and allow a deep cellular shift to happen organically from the heart. Our circle is expanding by allowing a ripple of intent to circle the globe from one woman to another. It takes awakening of heart to unravel the ancient embedded pain of war and conflict.  

Tucson Women of Wisdom Founders
Gayle Slaten Herman, Jilly Jesson Smyth, Oriana Marici Holubiczko

The many books and meditation experiences I have studied to begin the shift are wide ranging. One is “Free to Love – Free to Heal” by David Simon, M.D.

Actions created from focused love, intent and meditation, create mediation. When a woman creates a relationship with another woman from across the globe there is a bond. Women who are bonded do not kill and maim their friend’s children, spouses or beloved environment. 

2015 also marks the Women’s Walk for Peace in  Korea with Gloria Steinem and many amazing women at www.womencrossdmz.org. Did you know that $1 Trillion is spent by USA, Russia, Japan, and South Korea on militarization, fueled by unresolved conflicts, this is what I feel is the definition of obscene and cruel.

One of my first projects is to help guide this work through the sale of Chakra Bracelets for PeaceEach bracelet is handcrafted in Israel with a gem selection reflecting all the Chakras in the body or focused on a single Chakra. They are beautiful.

More is being planned.

I am launching this project on the weekend of "The Global Mediation for Compassion" beginning July 11, 2015, use the hashtag: #IAMCOMPASSION:

“Last year, our Global Meditation for Peace set the Guinness World Record for the largest synchronized meditation in history.
I'm happy to announce that this year on July 11, the 2nd annual Global Meditation for Compassion will bring together hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to create a kinder, more compassionate world. I hope you'll join us. 
Pre-registration is available now: http://bit.ly/1FAoOnQ 

If you feel this too, help support us, every little bit makes a huge difference. You can order, sign up for my tiny notes and send me a message to the right of this post. 
Monday July 13 begins the next 21 Day Manifesting Grace through Gratitude Meditation Experience with Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey
You don’t want to miss how your life will reflect this teaching into your own home and business. 

Namaste" and thank you, Jilly

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Are You Naked Yet?

What do I mean by naked?

It’s time to take off your clothes to your skivvies and stand up for your truth, dive into that freezing water! It’s only a shock for a moment then you feel refreshed and your personal source is no longer hidden,

 …or you will be left behind.

I’ve noticed that there are many experts in the marketing and business arena who I feel are speaking from underneath a layer of plastic wrap,

…or a face mask.

Where did they learn that behavior?

It is so ingrained. It is like removing sand out of everyone’s bathing suits after a trip to the beach.

I believe it comes from a deep cellular deadening of our gifts from a long history of “follow the leader” or you will be sent to the hallway in shame
One way to access your inner desires and learn to unravel the fear of putting your face front and center with your business, invention or creative desire and own it, is to practice meditation.

If you truly want to love what you do, it takes time to remove the layers of cement. You can do it. If you really want to connect with those people all over the world, that resonate with your heart, you have to show yours.

You are your own sunbeam, powered by desire. Let people know what lights your fire after you dry off, it will rocket your life and business to the moon.

Jilly Jesson Smyth, Dr.D,

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