Tiny Notes

Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Ladies of Justice

Our Luncheon's Are Spectacular!

Did you know The Arizona Avengers have a Super Woman Division?

Did You Know Small Businesses
Are Owned
By Women who
are Changing
the World?

We love fashion, philanthropy, looking sharp, smart mentoring, faith, delicious food and empowering, dynamic speakers...

ALL WOMEN are INVITED Saturday, October 24! 

Business owners, department heads, entrepreneurs, heads of households, investors, writers, comedians, bus drivers, real estate professionals, insurance brokers, dancers, salon owners, anyone who wishes to strengthen their goals and make a shift to be empowered can join us.

Strong Women Create Bonds, Teamwork, Friendship, Networking and Courageous Responsible Communities.

 Celebrate Your Awesome Passions!


Be Bold and Model Empowerment 
for Smart Girls!

Take Charge of Your Gifts and Businesses!

Be a Better Person,
Be a Woman that Owns Her Power! 

Our Differences, Bond Our Strengths!

Win Prizes!

Hear Women's Stories of Overcoming
Life Emergencies.

Laugh and Have Fun!

Give Thanks
Western Style!

Celebrate accomplishments on our journey of helping people and families by paying it forward.

Equal Rights and Business Backbone 
are for Everyone! 

Excellent Tucson Leadership...
We Take Action Click Here and Join Us!