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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Cold or Virus?

Can a gif image contain a virus? 

Dangerous file types can be hidden in a gif file or video and be executed on your computer by automatically opening as a gif.

When the original link and code is hidden you will not know you are infecting all your friends computers tablets, laptops and phones when you share it.

Doing anything on the internet and not being smart about it is not being a good friend to anyone. 

A common tactic of malware writers is to disguise malicious files by hiding the file extension or adding spaces to the existing extension.

Solution: ALWAYS check the source link before sharing anything. If the link to the art doesn't go anyware and the art moves, get off that page or site immediately.

The malware can also be embeded in the advertising on the website page. 

If a Facebook, Google+, Twitter friend shares the "cute" gif or video post with hidden malware, they are hacked when the executable file downloads into their computer and webpage. When someone clicks on the art in an ad, the same result happens.

Warn them in a private message or phone call to remove the art immediately!


Any website can be designed look legit.

Basic check website advice:
Scroll to the bottom of the website you are checking the link on and check the security credentials and source.
Search for information on that site.

Be aware the internet has a dark side.

I live by the philosophy if you’re not willing to lose all the data on every PC on the network,
and have to invest $2,000 on average to have just one computer restored by security experts. PLUS, invest the 6 months to get your computer back in your office healthy with all it's memory...
don’t share malware.

Recognizing dangerous file types

Learn the basics from Microsoft Click Here

Malicious spam email with zip attachments containing hidden .js files
"..a significant increase since January 2015.

The 5 Main Themes in your email are:

  • American Airline e-tickets
  • Charge for driving on a toll road
  • FedEx delivery notification
  • IRS tax refunds
  • Notices to appear in court (Source)
Remember, this kind of thing is also shared on Facebook and 
the IRS never asks for personal information by email.

Watch 15 Awesome well known historic MS-DOS Viruses in Action.

Learn more from me about the legal ramifications as a business owner with secure client files.

If a doctor's or any kind of health practitioner's, (yoga, massage, therapy, fitness),
office computer is hacked you are liable and you can be sued for anything and are a target for scammers.

Unbalanced people file these kind of lawsuits every minute everywhere.

If your business is in your home, you will lose the home and business.

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