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Tiny Notes
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Food for Life

Dear Friends,
People ask me all the time why I am so passionate about the Chopra Center for Wellbeing endorsed Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand line of products, based on the books "Quantum Healing" and "Grow Younger, Live Longer" and how I became a founder at the very launch of this one and only unique company in 2007.

I receive calls daily from people trying to copy a small piece of what we do or want me to represent another trendy, short lived, start up. It is so easy to share with them that Zrii is the best of the best and we started with the gold standard science first. Beginning with award winning research and world renowned doctor's in 2004. No one can beat it. Absolutely no one.

Dr. Yarema and Me

Here is my story updated from 2008:

"As I was handling a lifetime of personal illness and deteriorating health in the last decade, I went from doctor to doctor with no satisfying results or answers. The traditional healthcare system was absolutely no help. Sadly, I was close to giving up. It became clear there must be a better way, but what was it? One of my friends handed me a book about Ayurveda in 2005 after my thyroid started giving me problems and I was incredibly impressed with what I was learning.  
After I began my research into holistic health and healing through Ayurveda, I was introduced to something unique and brand new: The Original Zrii Amalaki Elixir inspired by lead Science Advisory formulator Deepak Chopra, M.D. A doctor friend shared with me this new product he was introducing to his practice. I tried it and it was delicious, immediately my sleep improved, after almost never having the rest I needed and always feeling fatigued and exhausted, this was amazing all by itself. Then, after 3 weeks my carpal tunnel syndrome went away. Then my allergies began to fade and I was sold.

These are the wrist braces
I used to wear before 2008
I am a passionate testament to the quality of the results. This is the first experience in a lifetime without the emergency trips to the hospital many times a year, having cancer tests, bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, thyroid problems, endometriosis, or a bi-weekly trip for steroid/allergy shots. The flu is also distant memory!
It is with extreme happiness to let you know that I have not been ill in 5 years. The one time I felt terrible (over 3 years ago) I went to bed, had a 101 fever and was better in 2 days. This had never happened to me before. I never just got a cold, I always became very ill with bronchitis or pneumonia and was sick for weeks and months on end, at least 2 – 3 times a year. A small fortune was spent in the industrial medical complex and big pharma, over the last decade, over $100,000! When one totals up prescriptions, plus lost work, friends and family time it really adds up. It was heartbreaking to really realize where my life has gone and it was time for a change.
In my first 2 years of only 3 oz of Zrii Elixir per day I saved over $33,600 of out of pocket healthcare costs and lost 25 lbs. As I began to regain my health. My hair has grown back beautifully, my skin, hair and nails are in the best shape ever, and I can breathe and enjoy the world as never before. I have never been happier in my life! If you have never known feeling your best, it is an eye opener!
My new vision and blood cell results: It takes about 6 months to totally regenerate your body from a cellular level. Each part at a different pace. My eyes have now improved .50 Diopters! I was terribly nearsighted since a child with no change until now. Also, after my blood was tested by a cellular microscopist, the results revealed beautiful, plump, healthy cells."

Healthy White Blood Cell

These cells pictured are made up of lymphocytes and leukocytes.
They form the basis of the immune system. There are approximately one or two white cells for every 500 red cells. When there is an elevated count it is usually a sign of an infection. 
The white blood cells protect us from infectious diseases and will destroy any cells that have mutated.

To summarize:

The steady, constant improvement of my body began by just using the first flagship product, Zrii, The Original Amalaki for the first couple of years. Everything else our scientists are developing has been well thought out to compliment and expand our one and only tri-dosha formulation 
Now into my fifth year, with our growing product line that now includes the NutriiVeda Achieve, Accell and Purify brand lines, my body is totally transformed!
Our results have been so impressive with hundreds of thousands of people now, helping families with with all kinds of chronic illness from autism and diabetes to brain trauma and fibromyalgia. I have heard from all kinds of people about all kinds of issues since 2007. It can get very emotional when someone has had a breakthrough in their life and body that they never felt before, so many just give up.
Mother's even relax and give birth with less pain, giving babies nutrition that is excellent for childhood brain development. Both men and women get their sex lives back. Menopause symptoms go away and IBS and painful periods for young women disappear.
We are not a diet, we are food for life. We do not use paid testimonials from celebrityies or doctors. We are the real deal.

You can learn more about Ayurveda in the Award Winning book "Eat * Taste * Heal", the bible of Ayurvedic cooking and knowledge. Tasting real food will change your life.

Jilly Photography (c) Hacienda del Sol, Tucson, AZ
The view from here is lovely, it smells and feels great without allergies and we have saved a seat for you! 


In regards to the FDA, we follow all whole food protocol. Zrii is not a drug and does not have to be approved as such, all testimonials are personal and real. The research on our ingredients noted in all my posts is established and noted on the gold standard of research websites PubMed.gov.