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Tiny Notes
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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Let It Be...

One of the wise sayings that resonates with me on a daily basis is 

"Slow down to go faster."

Only You Can Prevent Speed Bumps
La Paloma Estates Speed Walk with The Smart Girls At The Party


"to make it possible through a specific action or lack of action for something to happen." (Free Dictionary)

I believe this is an important topic because I have found that the path to happiness is a balance of discernment and non-judgement. 

All very successful, creative "business forward thinking" leaders like Richard Branson, David Lynch, Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Sara Blakely have a combination of caring, hustle and space time. 

They invest the time to switch gears from the linear mind of the left brain ego, (feeling you have to know everything for something to be real), to ALLOWING the right brain to intuitively receive. 

Smart Women in Film
Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon 

I used to think that if change needs to happen it required me to do even more to create the shift. 

What I have found is that the harder you push the more ignorance (the darkness) pushes back. The reason I chose the word ignorance is because we are constantly evolving into the unknowing. Life is all about the wisdom of when to work harder and when to relax as you open the space for the change to happen according to universal momentum.

Do you embrace the way the new well-being corporate environment is improving in regards to scheduling in yoga, meditation, walks and family? Have you embraced a shift in your family life? 

The Top 12 Things I do daily to take care of myself and create my environment that results in more accomplishment are:

1)   Meditate twice a day
2)   Recapitulate my day.
3)   Be grateful
4)   Breathe well
5)   Slow down and do yoga
6)   Walk in nature and be with my animals
7)   Remove the watch and turn off electrionics in between working
8)   Eat well and drink lots of good water
9)   Schedule email, phone and messaging
10) Sleep well and pay attention to dreams
11) Stay away from the 24/7 tar babies, whiners and complainers
12) Read well and surround myself with smart, creative and happy people  

Don't hold on to the past and embrace the future one step at a time. 

With patience and love for yourself we are all one,

Love Jilly