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Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Once Upon a Time...

Do you remember when everyone's home was a family business? 

Before the industrial revolution that began in England, each family had a trade that was passed down for generations. Each family member inherited a talent that they took pride in, that is how this great country called the Unted States began. 

What happened to that spirit of pride, risk and adventure that took us to the wild, wild west? 

Everything is about remembering and forgetting, remembering the good things about our journey and forgetting the things that do not serve us any more. That is how evolution organically happens within new babies bodies. 

We are now in the technology revolution
What does that mean for us? 

We are coming full circle at the same time technology is meeting us head on, full force. Are we embracing this shift or frozen in fear that a "job" is not there for meeting our needs.

The reality is that there no more need for a brick and mortor office to fence in creativity and innovation. Those that are disciplined and passionate are creating a new world.

It is happening fast. At the same time we are slowing down to move smarter with meditation and yoga being implemented in the classrooms of our young children. 

I am more excited by my work opportunities and skills then ever before. Everyone can do exactly what their passion is and fulfill their desires, if they choose.

What does that mean for you? 

I see complaining about corporate greed everywhere and yet who allowed it to happen? If is wasn't for corporations. there would be no jobs that paid well.

Now is the time to change the meaning and experience of corporate life. It begins at home.

Are you ready to allow the shift in your life or are you fighting everyone flowing by you?

Today, I celebrate those daring greatly to create a new legacy for our universe without war and conflict. The inner spiral of awareness from the heart is long over due, it has been waiting for now.

Congratulations, the ride has just begun.

Namaste Jilly
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