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Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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world renowned host on Hay House Radio,
former Dean of 
the Chopra Center for Well-Being
and the author of
"The Secrets of Meditation"

was in Tucson for a 
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Chopra Center Certified Course.

Awaken the Silence
Access Your Profound Mind-Body Potential
Can’t sleep!  Stressed-out!  Overwhelmed!  Anxious!
Learn the self-healing practice of
Primordial Sound Meditation!
Calm your mind and your body
Heighten your focus, clarity, and performance
Enhance your health and ignite your inner pharmacy

Modern science has proven the benefits of meditation. We invite you to:
  • Discover an ancient meditation technique revitalized by Deepak Chopra, MD
  • Receive the tools needed to establish a fulfilling, life-long meditation practice
  • Experience Chopra Center Certified Master Instructors, davidji and Marsha Perry, RN, who will illuminate powerful meditation techniques rooted in ancient Vedic wisdom.
    You will:
    • Receive a personal mantra based on the vibration the universe was making at the moment of your birth, a Chopra Center Primordial Sound Meditation Workbook, and an audio CD by Dr. Deepak Chopra leading you into your Primordial Sound Meditation daily practice.
    • Experience the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga (Yogic practice of restful awareness)
    • Discover your Dosha (Ayurvedic mind-body constitution) to support your best health
    • Enjoy deeper awareness, inspiration, connection and light-heartedness
When:  The evening of Friday, October 18th, all day Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th
Where:  In the luxury of the Hilton El Conquistador Resort in Oro Valley, AZ
Investment:  $375 for all three joy-filled days with davidji! 

Standard pricing $495, a special savings of $120.
An exceptional value and opportunity to experience the rich flavor of an authentic
Chopra Center Certified Course, right here in Arizona!

Your Chopra Center Certified Master Instructors:

davidji: As the Lead Educator of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, davidji apprenticed under Deepak Chopra for nearly a decade learning and ultimately teaching the profound timeless wisdom of meditation, Ayurveda, emotional healing, and conscious choice making. He was appointed the first Dean of Chopra Center University.

With more than 250 guided meditations to his credit, davidji has been referred to as “The Meditation Maestro” and “The Velvet Voice of Stillness.” With more than 100,000 students around the world, davidji has made the ancient science of meditation practical, easy, fun, and rewarding.

Known for his practical, real-world methods of connecting to Source, he travels the world sharing timeless wisdom on, work/life balance, and finding deeper fulfillment through conscious choice-making. His dharma, or life's purpose, is to help individuals awaken to the best version of themselves and discover their finest expression in life.

He is a Chopra Center Certified Vedic Master, certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation, Perfect Health Ayurvedic Lifestyle Wisdom, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, as well as a world-renowned creator of hundreds of visualizations, meditations, and
online spiritual journeys including his highly acclaimed CD: davidji Guided Meditations: Fill What is Empty; Empty What is Full.

Each Wednesday, he hosts "LIVE from the Sweet Spot with davidji" on Hay House Radio. His new book on inner peace and personal transformation - Secrets of Meditation, just received the prestigious 2013 Nautilus Book Award. You can find his wisdom and humor in the Huffington Post, GQ, Prevention, Seventeen, Family Circle, and on CBS and FOX. To join the davidji Sweet Spot Meditation Community, visit davidji.com

Marsha Perry, RN: Known as the “Health Guide to Self-Empowered Well-Being,” Marsha assists clients to step away from life’s demands and into the power of meditation. She shines light on the scientific benefits of meditation and how to infuse this ancient technology into daily living. By introducing other principles of Ayurveda, she lovingly guides clients to enliven the nourishing connection of body, mind, and spirit. Her favorite phase, “just lean into it a little,” describes how making small life-shifts systematically over time will create revolutionary changes.

Marsha has been a Registered Nurse and Patient Educator for 30 years giving her a diverse medical background from Labor and Delivery, to Perinatal Care, to Emergency Medicine, to a Specialist in IV Infusion Therapies. Her love for
Maternal-Child Health lead her to create curricula in childbirth education and ultimately author and executive produce a series of EMS educational curricula for Children with Special Health Care Needs. She also is a published co-author of research articles 
in Emergency Medicine.

In addition, she holds a Degree in Education from the University of Arizona. Her talent and love for teaching was initially honed as a 

Certified Teacher in the classroom. 

Now as a graduate of the Chopra Center University, she is a Certified Chopra Center Instructor who offers personalized consultations and group instruction in Primordial Sound Meditation, Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Perfecting Health, Food as Medicine, and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. As a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader from Dr. Kataria’s School of Laughter Yoga, she offers free community classes in healing laughter. She is a Reiki Practioner and BodyWorker, as well. Her intuitive, blissful, healing-touch is profoundly balancing. Learn more about Marsha at MzPerry.com. 

Jilly Jesson Smyth, CTA:
 davidji, Jilly, Marsha and Friends,
First Bi-Annual Event: "Mind, Body, Science Symposium", October, 2012, Tucson, AZ

Jilly is editor of MokshaLife.com, her editorial expertise and research in Ayurvedic Medicine and Science at the U of A Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine is creating a center for well-being and living well. Jilly is studying the scientific basis of the mind-body connection, and the role of environment, the arts and emotion in the healing process at Chopra University, Carlsbad, CA. She is on Dr. Chopra's Perfect Health Teacher's Path, specializing in allergies and pursuing Dr. Kataria's Laughter Yoga Certification.

In partnership with the Chopra University doctors, led by Davidji, former Dean of the Chopra Center for Well-being at La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, CA and Dr. V.A. Shiva Health Systems, we share, teach and learn with resorts, spas and integrative circles. A sold out presentation at The Chopra Center with Tucson Miraval Spa Director Dr. Andrew Weil recently brought worldwide attendance and attention to the cutting edge thinking being presented.

She has established record breaking attendance events, distributorships, marketing, advertising, press and media partnerships with the arts, wellness, culinary and homeopathic community.
Passionate about design and healed through Ayurveda, Jilly has combined her loves to help others find their bliss. A visionary, vibrant, intuitive artist, model and spokesperson who has a mind for business. Brand strength creates record breaking revenue. Listenomics, interactive media, and "Buzz" is vital in creating strong entrepreneurs. She is a talented, well connected professional executive with over 25 years experience in art, journalism, TV, radio, multimedia and interactive communications.

She has successfully created good karma partnerships, increasing brand impact, ROI and residual revenue. Jilly spots market trends before they happen. Recruiting the right key leadership and implementing the new technology necessary to secure expansion. The creator of "How to Shoot an Elephant to the Moon" (c)

Your Primordial Sound Meditation Program Includes:
  • Your personal mantra
  • Personal Instruction
  • Practice sessions
  • Course materials
  • In-depth education: how it works, benefits, history, and selection process
  • Understanding of the practical aspects: how to sit, where, and when to meditate
  • Integration of meditation into your daily routine
  • Exploration of higher states of consciousness
This is the same course from the Chopra Center brought to Tucson, Arizona's Beautiful Mountains