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Tiny Notes
from Jilly Jesson Smyth

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I am a fine artist helping corporations large and small, children, adults, seniors and families find their bliss and balance through my courses. We include business and the arts, finding grace through gratitude, beauty and the wisdom of Ayurveda. Teaching the business of Bottom Line Well-Being (c). Meditation. yoga, laughter, beauty, design, fashion and food are just a few of my favorite things to share.   

Life is not just one thing, it is many things, packed full of joy and opportunity.

We help you feel and live better. The Chopra Center for Well-being at La Costa Resort & Spa is located in Carlsbad, California, Our network is based upon centuries-old Ayurvedic spa treatments and therapies that support balance and bliss in your life. Our classes are in partnership with Perfect Health Tucson, Healing Pathways, Dr. Sahba Maani. MD, Ayurveda, Holistic, Integrative doctor, Pulmonary Associates, Southern Arizona, "The Science, Spirit and Health Symposium" and "The Mind, Body Spirit Celebration Events"; based on the new Ayurveda Spa at Miraval Resort, Tucson AZ, and the European Spa and Fitness Experience.  

I am Jilly Jesson Smyth, with a BS in the Arts, a Certified Travel Ambassador with an expert knowledge of Southern Arizona and I am Perfect Health Educated, now pursuing Masters Study in Business and Ayurvedic Science at the U of A Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine and Chopra University. We are "The Art and Beauty of Ayurveda by Jilly (c)", "Art by Jilly (c)", "Dosha Diva Jewels by Jilly (c)" and "The Jilly Wisdom Group of Friends (c)".  

Please visit my website "Living Well" Lifestyle Magazine at JillyJessonSmyth.com

We believe creativity is the window to the soul. Our "Marketing Tools for Cultural Creatives" is another unique system for artists and entrepreneurs to reach out through art and gratitude.  

We are Smyth and Jesson Media, Art and Food as Medicine Cuisine (c), based out of Tucson, AZ, Ann Arbor, MI, Manhattan, NY, and Carlsbad, CA.

Helping people smile since 2007.