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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Make It So!

Happy Valentines Day!

Today, folks should be all about love. Unless you’re old.
- Stephen Colbert
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    Did you you know that you make up your own reality in your left brain? 

Did you know the magic of the universe is in your right brain? 

On this special
day, my wish for 
you is that
you fall in love 
with yourself!

Always thinking with your ego, left brain, stops the flow of energy meant for you to find your bliss, which was always there from birth. 

When you let go of survival mode, you will allow all the magic in the universe 
to flow through your heart and soul. 

Only then will your reality reach beyond your knowing 

and you will love yourself first and foremost.

Make It So!

Love and doggy kisses, Jilly
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Do You Love Your Family?

It is time to think smart.

Did you know that 90% of estates will go through probate?

It does not matter if it is large or small, your children, grandchildren and pets will have compounded pain and the state will receive your assets with no concern for your personal wishes. If there is a second or third marriage involved, your pets and family momentos will receive no protection.

In Arizona, 49% of the files examined were in the probate process after one year. Upon your death, or loved one's death, probate costs, court delays and estate taxes can be a heavy burden on your heirs to pay. You will lose family property that has been loved and invested in for generations, including land and money reserved to care for disabled loved ones over 18 years old.

In probate, your private financial affairs become public court records anyone can access on the internet opening yourself up to identity theft. It is also easy to locate loved ones in a hospice or medical setting and steal personal and private information.

Despite the law, thieves steal medical records every second, in the room, in the medical office and online.

Under Article 1 14-3101 of Arizona Probate Code, no Will is effective to pass title to a property until probated. 

The alternative to Wills and the probate process is called a Living Trust. A Living Trust takes significantly less time to settle, is less costly and allows you to maintain control of your assets at all times. If you become ill, physically incapacitated or mentally ill or have dementia you are still protected. 

Your private affairs are kept private from public consumption.

I can help you avoid thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in fees, estate taxes that can reach up to 40% of your estate value, probate costs and pain that can last for decades and generations.

If you have a Will in place it needs to be updated every 5 years, everytime there is an address change, major purchase, sale, birth or marriage.

If pets are not protected they may be euthanized. If children are not protected they may be separated and sent to those who do not have their best interests at heart.

All of these things listed happened to my family because the Will was not updated, guardianship not in place, and the family was not kept informed with second marriages involved.

Since you like to research and really receive all the information possible, I'm going to give you links that may be of service.  

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(Facts source provided by AARP)

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