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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

State of The Dream

All Creativity is Inspired by Freedom 

My Dream is for All Women in my sphere of influence be inspired by powerful collaboration and connection beyond knowing.

~ Women To Watch AZ ~

Today a new movement has begun fueled by a fire to burn off all that is old thinking that has returned again because we did not do it right the first time, second time and many more times. Practice makes it happen, we need to keep going and respect all the women who have come before us and had been told to be silent. No more. 

Thank you to  for posting the links and directions:_

#StateOfTheDream Initiative

On Tuesday night (6pm PST/9pm EST), Donald Trump will deliver his SOTU address. #StateOfTheDream will highlight what truly makes America great: that we come from many places, races and creeds, and together work for a more perfect union.  
Our digital #StateOfTheDream address will support our dreamers and immigrants, call for a DREAM Act, lean into the Senate, fundraise for United We Dream, and express our vision for a more inclusive, progressive America.
We will provide a social media toolkit closer to the 30th, but we also invite you create a brief (60 seconds or less) video describing your dream for America: What you hope for. What inspires YOU. (We especially encourage those running for office and those already serving to do so!). All videos should be posted simultaneously at 6pm PST/9pm EST with the hashtag #StateOfTheDream on all of your social channels. After the video blast, you can proceed to post tweets from the toolkit or your own messaging. We just ask that you continue the unifying tweetstorm with the #StateOfTheDream hashtag.
WHEN: Tuesday, January 30th at 6pm PST/9pm EST
WHAT: #StateOfTheDream initiative
WHO: Members of The Resistance, elected officials, those running for office, any and all Americans who want to use their voices for positive change! Love IS louder.

We are ready!

XOXO Jilly

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