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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Super Heroes

Power Punch Splash Show!

I was on the edge of my seat for the first time in a long while, inside one of my favorite theaters, with 2 of my smart and fun women friends Dotti and Linda Joy, watching history unfold. 
Kissing the head of a very important woman to me: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Real superheroes wear dissent collars.

Director / Producer / Filmmaker's 

Julie Cohen @filmmakerjulie and 

Betsy West @BetsyWest 

co-created the RBG documentary @RBGMovie 

This is the most important film that all people need to watch now. The Supreme Court is in transition just as we have made moment by moment progress with 4 Smart Women Justices. 

"Hero. Icon. Dissenter. You know her accomplishments, but you haven’t heard her story. Witness #FourthOfJuly2018
⚖️ "
Trailblazer and Hero

This story is also a huge love story packed with gems of wisdom and wit. 

Her beloved husband Marty was her greatest cheerleader. Successful in his own right, a famous tax lawyer and chef, see Chef Supreme, he helped raise their family with a huge smile and tons of laughter. They loved each other dearly. She found a gem of a man as reported by Nina Totenberg on NPR, they were together for 56 years until his death. 

As I was obsorbed by this film I sat in awe as RBG set the pace for a new court of righting injustice with patience, perseverance, research and discipline. 

As her husband Marty networked behind the scenes to bring her front and center with President Bill Clinton who also fell in love with her. Thank God for us he did and we were off and running to a new interpretation of the constitution for a new millenium. 

"I think that the most important thing I have done is to enable Ruth to do what she has done." 
- Marty Ginsberg

The film is well paced and keeps you hooked as this 84 year old powerhouse reveals layers of integrity woven through her artful opinions and decisions within the poetry of our United States Constutution.

The film is based on the magnificent book: 

Notorious RBG

The Life and Times of 
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Written by 



Much Moksha, XOXO Jilly